Blackhead Removal Tool | Blackhead remover vacuum





The key to better and healthier skin is no longer a star that you cannot reach for. The Comedone Suction Device is the new generation tool that helps you fade away all the blemishes, acne, blackheads and dullness. This one solution to all your skin issues is a must-have beauty tool at your home.


  • The product comes with 4 different probes, each designed to perform the specific function of cleansing, anti-aging, acne treatment, and blackhead removal.
  • The vacuum suction pulls and drains out all the blackheads and dirt that clogs the pores.
  • This tool peels off the dry skin cells from the skin surface and helps in revealing the inner glow.
  • The massage with this tool helps in the production of skin tightening fibers that fade away wrinkles and fine lines from the face.