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The key to better and healthier skin is no longer a star that you cannot reach for. The Comedone Suction Device is the new generation tool that helps you fade away all the blemishes, acne, blackheads and dullness. This one solution to all your skin issues is a must-have beauty tool at your home.

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Blackhead Remover Vacuum

Do you desire radiant and healthy skin free of blackhead, dead skin, and acne? Now you are only a step away from achieving it. Introducing Revive Comdeo Suction that helps you get rid of blackheads. This new-gen blackhead suction performs a wonderful job of cleansing, removing blackheads, treating acne, and aging skin. The blackhead vacuum device is easy to use. It uses suction to remove blackheads and cleanse pores. The device has settings to vary the pressure, set the pressure as per your convenience, run over the blackhead area, and other places where you want clear pore congestion. Now own a device that addresses many skin problems.

Product Feature:

  • The device comes with 4 probes and each having the specific function of cleansing, anti-aging, acne treatment, and blackhead removal.
  • The suction massages and lifts the skin.
  • It unclogs pores by removing dirt, oil, dead skin, and other debris.
  • Cleansing pores reveals the inner glow.
  • The nose pore vacuum is an effective tool to remove blackhead and pimples
  • It deeply penetrates the skin, stimulates the blood flow.
  • Excellent massage therapy for skin; this process generates skin tightening fibers that fade away the face wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes, acne, and blackheads.


Do Pore Vacuums Work?

Yes! Pore Vacuums do work. Blackhead Removal tool an effective tool to remove your stubborn blackheads and cleanse pores.

Can you use a pore vacuum everyday?

No! Do not use pore cleaner everyday as it may damage sensitive skin. Use a blackhead vacuum two or three times a week.

Are pore vacuums worth it?

Pore vacuums are generally safe to use, make sure you use the best blackhead remover. With the help of comedone extractions, now get instant blackhead-free, glowing skin.

can it suck out the blackhead effectively?

Blackheads use suction to effectively suck those pesky blackheads, dead skin, dirt, and oil out of the pores. Blackhead Remover Vacuum is the best tool to get rid of blackheads.

How To Use Blackhead Vacuum Suction Machine?

Pore Vacuum is easy to use. Use the following steps for blackhead removal.

  1. Cleanse your face thoroughly.
  2. Use the required suction head
  3. Turn on the device and keep it to the lowest setting.
  4. Move the device in one direction and gradually increase the pressure as per your convenience.
  5. Do not hold the device in the same place for not more than 3 seconds.
  6. Once it’s done removing blackheads, turn off the device. You see all blackheads settled on the device head’s rim

How often should you use blackhead vacuum?

For best results and benefits, it is recommended to use a blackhead removal tool twice or thrice a week.


2 reviews for Protragan Comedo Suction

  1. Laura Walker

    Received this futuristic device as a birthday present and decided to review it because I was baffled and didn’t quite understand what it was. It didn’t take long for my surprise to turn to amazement, for this is a unique machine, I’ve never quite seen anything like it.

    It’s a cross between a massager and suction device that acts as a blackhead remover, pore opener and skin toning machine. There are four different probes, each serving a different purpose and apparently excellent at preventing acne too.

    I adore skin care products and this is the most advanced one in my collection yet. Despite the intimidating appearance, it’s remarkably easy to use and is quite comfortable on the skin. Fantastic product which is easy on the eye and practical to use.

  2. Anna Young

    Top-shelf blackhead remover. My skin is perennially oily and I’ve used a ton of skin care products and devices but this is certainly right up there with the best. Serves a wide variety of functions – blackhead remover, anti-aging, acne prevention, skin toning, it basically ticks all the boxes. The difference is clear after a couple of uses and does a great job of opening clogged pores on the face, quickly. Impressed and would definitely recommend

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