Just taking care of your face and hands isn’t enough. We often forget our legs. Your legs carry you throughout the day and so, they need extra care. These are the must-do steps to get perfect legs.

Dark Knees and Thick Dead Cells

If you have dark knees, try to lighten them. Many women have a lot of dead skin accumulation around the area of their ankles. Various home remedies are available to lighten them. Try using lemon and honey mixture for this purpose.

Eat on Time

Do not skip the food. Start your day with a healthy breakfast. Have small meals in between. Eat lunch and dinner on time. Also, drink lots of water. This will also hydrate your skin and keep it glowing.


Do leg workouts to get rid of the fat first. Exercise helps you get tight, shapely and toned legs. You can go for jogging, walking, bike riding, jumping such as jumping rope or trampoline, swimming, climbing stairs, aerobics, squats, lunges, weight training etc.


In India, we usually tan easily. So, always use a good sunscreen for your legs and see that you don’t tan much. Those who are fair may want to use artificial tanners. However, one needs to be careful. Choose the right product and learn how to do it properly.


Always use a good scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells on the skin’s surface. Always prioritize scrubbing before shaving or hair removal. Scrubbing is a must at least thrice a week.


This again is very important but unfortunately, many of us don’t follow this. To get rid of the dry, itchy and flaky skin, it is necessary to moisturize your legs daily.


Visit a good parlor for a pedicure once in a while. Try visiting once every month. You can also do it yourself with a few good products at home. Once a week at least, give them a basic treat by soaking them in lukewarm water. Exfoliate the dead skin cells from your feet through scrubbing and finally moisturize them.

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