Whether you’re planning on giving yourself a DIY pedicure at home or splurging on a spa pedicure, knowing the best types of pedicure tools helps ensure that you get the best foot treatment possible.

Nail File

Nail files can be made out of a variety of materials, the most popular being emery, crystal, glass ceramic, and metal.


Nail Buffer

A nail buffer is a small tool that gently “sands” your toenails so they appear smoother and shinier. Nail buffers can help even out nail ridges and make nail polish appear smoother.

Toe Separators

Toe separators are soft, cushioned devices you slip between your toes to help spread your toes apart and make for easier toenail polish application. Toe Separators by ProTragen are more than this. This product will revitalize your feet and help them relax, reduce muscle and toe pain and stress and alleviate feet conditions such as hammertoe, bunions, overlapping toes, plantar fasciitis.


Nail Strengthener

Nail strengthener is a clear base coat that is painted onto the nails. Each brand of nail strengthener is different, but most contain a mixture of vitamins and other additions that help the nails grow harder, longer and stronger as well as resist splitting, cracking and peeling.


Orange Wood Stick

A cuticle pusher, commonly known as a cuticle stick, is a popular pedicure tool that helps maintain healthy cuticles.