Let’s face the truth: Sometimes we think that we don’t have the prettiest feet. From hammertoe and crooked toes to bunions, our feet may endure a lot of things.

It’s time to put these feet problems behind and feel young and beautiful at any age, without being embarrassed when you take your shoes off.

Using these 4 products, your feet will be healthy again.

  1. Flexible Bunion Split Sleeve for Men and Women with Hypoallergenic Gel Pads

Bunions are not only unaesthetic. They can prevent you from carrying out the activities that you love. In time, the foot pain caused by bunions becomes a constant companion, casting its shadow on every step that we take. The product will:  

    -Gently realign your toe into its proper position
    -Relieve pressure and prevents further damage
    -Take pressure off the toes, reducing bunion pain
    -Cushion the area and prevents chafing friction
    -Can be worn around the house or while sleeping
    -Help stabilize arches and improves balance


    1. Toe Separators for Bunions, Hammertoe

    Gentle and soft, ProTragen Toe Separators can be used in the bathtub, at the swimming pool, when you’re walking or while you’re relaxing on your couch. They were designed to improve toes alignment, but  they can actually do much more than that:

      -Alleviate feet conditions such as hammertoe, bunions, overlapping toes, plantar fasciitis
      -Revitalize your feet and help them relax
      -Reduce muscle and toe pain and stress
      -Improve your balance, speed, and posture


      1. Adjustable Copper Arch Supports

      Imagine you could move freely, without experiencing foot pain and discomfort. Run, walk, or just carry out your activities without worrying about plantar fasciitis, flat feet, and fallen arches.  More than this:

        -Offer arch support and relieve stiffness
        -Encourage the healing process after injuries
        -Provide pain relief and restore mobility
        -Prevent the calcification of the joints
        -Can be worn while relaxing or being active
        -Provide gentle compression


        1. Toe Separators for Bunions, Pedicure, Hammertoe

        After a long hot shower wouldn’t it be nice to let these hug your toes and gently realign them to their natural position? They will softly spread your sore toes apart and help your muscles relax.

          -Alleviate feet conditions such as hammertoe, bunions, overlapping toes, plantar fasciitis
          -Revitalize your feet and help them relax
          -Spread your toes while you’re polishing your toenails
          -Hug your toes and keep them in an aligned position