Yogis are high-powered and goal-oriented, so these New Year resolutions will be just perfect for you.

Try something different: For a yogi, getting into regular yoga poses is super easy. Try out some different postures this New Year. This will not only expand your list of yoga poses but also take your body by surprise as you get into the more challenging postures which will test your body to a great extent.

Vegetarian: One resolution which yogis can try this New Year is to turn to vegetarian food. It is light on the stomach and easy to digest. As you like going deeper into your practices, turning vegetarian might act as a catalyst.

Introduce yoga to your nears and dears: Take a resolve to introduce yoga to your friends and family. Wouldn’t you like to share the joy that yoga brought you to the outer world? Spread the awareness about yoga to people you know and let everyone reap the benefits you did.

Meditate: It brings the best out of you, makes you wiser, sharpens your intellect, improves memory and energizes you to face the everyday challenges of life. Meditate for yourself and see all this happen! The magic of going inside deep in meditation, being one with yourself, exploring yourself, knowing yourself, and coming out of meditation fresh as a daisy can only be experienced.