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Everything You Need To Take Care Of Clogged Pores

The skin is the largest organ of the human body, and covering it throughout is pores. They are everywhere, on your face, arms, legs. It is because they serve an essential function of allowing sweat and essential oils to be secreted out, cooling you and flushing toxins out of your skin. Pores are also the opening for your hair follicles. So even though pores are essential, sometimes they are disliked when they get significant and noticeable. The size of your pores comes down to your genes, so if you have large pores, you have to live with it. Pores can also get large when they get clogged by dirt and dead skin. So permanently closing your pores is not possible and also not advisable, but there are ways to keep your pores clean and make them less prominent on your skin. Please continue reading to know more about some practical means through which you can take care of your pores to ensure proper skincare

Cleanse Your Face Twice a Day.

 If you have oily skin, then the chances for your pores to get clogged is high. So it’s essential to wash your face with a proper cleanser to remove dirt and dead skin. Make sure to choose a cleanser that suits your skin type. A clinical study by NCBI shows that using a cleanser can minimize acne symptoms and helps in keeping the pores clean. It is best to start with a gentle cleanser with glycolic acid in it. Use it every night before going to bed and once when you wake up. Make sure not to overuse the product since that might dry out the skin.

Face Cleansing

Steam Your Face

 Steaming your pores is a great way to cleanse pores. Just bend over a bowl of water and throw a towel over your head. Make sure the water isn’t too hot since that can singe your skin. Hold your head over the bowl for 5 to 10 minutes and then carefully wash your face with a good cleanser. The hot steam expands your clogged pores and makes your face sweat. All the toxins, dead skin, dirt, and debris gets flushed out in the open along with the sweat. People with large pores might feel that this is a bit counterintuitive since they already have large pores. But your pore might be significant because of the dust, oil, and bacteria trapped inside. So don’t worry about it.

Face Steaming

Facial Exfoliation

 Exfoliating your skin is essential to remove dead skin cells that might be clogging your pores. There are two types of exfoliants-physical and chemical. Physical exfoliants are facial scrubs that contain tiny particles that chip away all the dirt and dead skin. While it’s counterpart contains AHA(alpha-hydroxy acids) and BHA(beta-hydroxy acids). They clean your pores on a deeper level and help in better absorption of skin creams. Exfoliate your twice a week with a cleanser of your choice. Make sure that you don’t do this more than once since that may result in dry skin, peeling or inflammation, and even breakouts. Find a product that suits your skin type and your good to go.

Use Topical Retinoids

 Topical Retinoids are just another name for Vitamin A. Studies have shown varying degrees of success at shrinking pores. They are available as ointments, foams or creams that can be applied directly on the skin. Look for creams that have ‘tretinoin’ listed since this can also help with your acne. Please do not use them more than once a day. Using it too frequently can irritate your skin, cause dryness and redness, as well as make your skin more susceptible to sunburn.

Essential Oils

 I am sure that by now, you might have some come across some DIY’s blog that lauded essential oils. Usually, DIY’s often don’t work, but there is some evidence to back it up in this case. Clove and cinnamon bark oil have anti-inflammatory properties that can remove bacteria from your skin. It also makes your skin look more balanced and with smaller pores. These oils can’t be used directly. They need to be mixed with a carrier oil like almond or jojoba oil before applying them on your face. Please don’t leave it on your skin for more than a few minutes and make sure you blot your face dry after washing with a gentle cleanser. It is all-natural and chemical-free making it an effective skincare procedure

Chemical Peels

 Sometimes the pores might look enlarged due to excessive sebum production. If that is the case, then a good quality chemical peel can be your solution. Opt for peels that have hyaluronic acid, which helps regulate sebum production and peels with salicylic acid, can promote the growth of new skin cells to replace dead skin cells. Use this moderately like once in two weeks since excessive use can make your skin more prone to sunburns.

Chemical Peels

Use A Comedone Extractor

 A comedone extractor is a multipurpose skincare tool that you can find in today’s market.. It comes with four different vacuum heads that can easily take care of all major skin problems. The comedone extractor is excellent for acne treatment since it unclogs pores and reduces scars and blemishes, giving you an even-toned skin. The blackhead vacuum painlessly extracts blackheads and tightens the skin. It can even double up as a facial exfoliation device that can remove dead skin cells and other impurities. The anti-aging treatment helps with reducing fine lines and wrinkles and tightens your pores leaving your skin firm and fit.

 The ways mentioned above can easily take care of your pores. Still, it would be best if you found out what works for you since your pores might be causing trouble due to a variety of reasons like oily skin, environmental pollution, or it could even be genetic. So try out different methods to find out what works for you and keep your pores in check.

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