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4 Effective Tools For Blackhead Removal

Blackhead Removal Mask

Blackheads are clogged pores. These pores turn black when the gunk within them is exposed to open air. Blackheads can also be caused by excessive UV damage. Blackheads leave our face feeling irritated and hinder our day-to-day life. There are many tools and devices that aid in blackhead removal, however, not all of them are effective. This blog describes and discusses 4 commonly used tools for blackhead removal and the way they operate to take out the blackheads.


Blackhead Tweezers

Blackhead tweezers extract clogged pores physically. By applying pressure on one end of the tweezer, the gunk loosens and comes out, whilst the other end aids in pulling out the gunk. When done properly this tool can be the best blackhead extraction tool. It is both inexpensive and effective. However, without the help of an expert or in case they are handled carelessly, tweezers could lead to facial scarring and could lead to breakouts. If you are not an expert in using the tool, it is best to stay away from using it on yourself as it could worsen your situation.

Blackhead Extraction Strips

Within all of us, there is a memory of slumber parties during our teenage years where we would place a blackhead removal strip over the bridge of our nose hoping to get rid of our acne & blackheads. As a blackhead removal tool, blackhead removal strips are pretty easy to use but sometimes they could be the least safe method of blackhead removal. Although blackhead removal strips efficiently pull the gunk and other particles out of your face, they leave your pores exposed, thus, letting foreign particles renter and clog the pores. When used carelessly, blackhead removal strips could also result in ripped pores which cause skin irritation and damage. Thus, they can be good but not the best methods to remove the blackheads from your face. 

Blackhead Removal Masks

There are many different blackhead removal masks in the market, some of them are peel-offs while the others are the clay, charcoal, and magnetic masks. Most masks are applied in a wet form and as they dry up, they are ready to be removed. As you remove the hardened mask, it brings the dead skin along. However, similar to the strips, blackhead masks leave the pores open, thus, letting your pores get clogged easily. When used, the impact of the masks could be temporary but effective. However, overusing the blackhead extraction masks could lead to skin damage and irritation. 

Blackhead Vacuums

Blackhead vacuums originated from Korea. The blackhead vacuums operate by gently sucking the impurities within the blackheads and thus, unclogging clogged pores. Revive by Potragen is one of the most reliable blackhead vacuums. This pore vacuum comes with a wide range of suction levels which lets you tailor the strength of the pull according to your skin. However, starting from the lowest level and working your way up is the best way to go about using the pore vacuum. Revive is an at-home pore vacuum. If you feel the need for more extensive acne treatment, you could request a professional dermatologist to use a pore vacuum to remove your blackheads as they will know how to handle the situation better.

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