5 Tools You Need To Have In Your Beauty Tool Kit

Women and men dream of having good and healthy skin. Everyone will have a beauty kit back at home. While some go head using naturally derived face packs, the rest go with chemical-based skin treatment tools and products. Here are some of the tech-enhanced products for your skin that help you deal and battle with numerous skin problems that are nothing less than hurdles that come in your path. These are the most essential tools that you need to have with you. Read and get them home for beautiful and healthy skin

  • Jade Roller – The green jade stone roller is the best natural skin healing tool neatly shaped up into a roller and beautifully crafted into a handle. This roller is the best tool to fade away wrinkles and fine lines as it triggers the production of collagen and elastin fibers. Along with this, the roller also aids in improving skin hydration and keeps the skin looking youthful. It has no side effects and should be rolled over your skin twice – once in the morning and once at night. 
  • Comedone Extractor – If you are dealing with dead skin, acne and blackhead issues, you will have to get this easy-to-use device. The four probes that can be replaced with the machine body functions as a device for facial exfoliation, acne treatment, blackhead vacuum removal, and pore cleaner of clogged pores. It is one of the best inventions for the skin revolution.
  • Facial Steamer – The other amazing pore cleaner and skin exfoliation device that you can pick up and use thrice in a week is the facial steamer. The steam that touches your face opens up all the clogged pores and makes it easy for blackhead removal and dirt extraction. Facial steam, if not overdone, keeps skin hydrated and moisturized and keeps the face clean. 
  • Skin Scrubber Machine – Skin scrubbers do not only come as soaps. They also come in the form of a skin scrubber machine. The skin scrubber machine is an amazing skin exfoliation device that aids in dead skin removal, blackhead extraction and skin smoothening. Your skin gets free from all dirt, oil and pollution and your inner skin glow ill be revealed with it. You, however, need to make sure about not over scrubbing with this skin exfoliation device

High-frequency Machine – This is the best skin care tool you can ever have. It is also called the all-rounder for beautiful and healthy skin. The device works on high-frequency radiation and comes with around 5 different probes. Each of the probes is designed to work on a specific part of the face in such a way that the entire facial skin gets treated. The device is the best for acne treatment. Along with acne treatment, one of the probes that come along with the device is of a comb-like probe. This can be used on the scalp of the hair and the probe, when fitted to the main machine body, works miracles in keeping the hair scalp free from dandruff and hair loss.

4 Effective Tools For Blackhead Removal

Blackheads are clogged pores. These pores turn black when the gunk within them is exposed to open air. Blackheads can also be caused by excessive UV damage. Blackheads leave our face feeling irritated and hinder our day-to-day life. There are many tools and devices that aid in blackhead removal, however, not all of them are effective. This blog describes and discusses 4 commonly used tools for blackhead removal and the way they operate to take out the blackheads.


Blackhead Tweezers

Blackhead tweezers extract clogged pores physically. By applying pressure on one end of the tweezer, the gunk loosens and comes out, whilst the other end aids in pulling out the gunk. When done properly this tool can be the best blackhead extraction tool. It is both inexpensive and effective. However, without the help of an expert or in case they are handled carelessly, tweezers could lead to facial scarring and could lead to breakouts. If you are not an expert in using the tool, it is best to stay away from using it on yourself as it could worsen your situation.

Blackhead Extraction Strips

Within all of us, there is a memory of slumber parties during our teenage years where we would place a blackhead removal strip over the bridge of our nose hoping to get rid of our acne & blackheads. As a blackhead removal tool, blackhead removal strips are pretty easy to use but sometimes they could be the least safe method of blackhead removal. Although blackhead removal strips efficiently pull the gunk and other particles out of your face, they leave your pores exposed, thus, letting foreign particles renter and clog the pores. When used carelessly, blackhead removal strips could also result in ripped pores which cause skin irritation and damage. Thus, they can be good but not the best methods to remove the blackheads from your face. 

Blackhead Removal Masks

There are many different blackhead removal masks in the market, some of them are peel-offs while the others are the clay, charcoal, and magnetic masks. Most masks are applied in a wet form and as they dry up, they are ready to be removed. As you remove the hardened mask, it brings the dead skin along. However, similar to the strips, blackhead masks leave the pores open, thus, letting your pores get clogged easily. When used, the impact of the masks could be temporary but effective. However, overusing the blackhead extraction masks could lead to skin damage and irritation. 

Blackhead Vacuums

Blackhead vacuums originated from Korea. The blackhead vacuums operate by gently sucking the impurities within the blackheads and thus, unclogging clogged pores. Revive by Potragen is one of the most reliable blackhead vacuums. This pore vacuum comes with a wide range of suction levels which lets you tailor the strength of the pull according to your skin. However, starting from the lowest level and working your way up is the best way to go about using the pore vacuum. Revive is an at-home pore vacuum. If you feel the need for more extensive acne treatment, you could request a professional dermatologist to use a pore vacuum to remove your blackheads as they will know how to handle the situation better.

5 Amazing Benefits That Your Skin Can Get Using A Comedone Extractor

Right from the days of the face masks that are made of natural elements, to the days of tech-savvy facial tools, skincare has always been in headlines and the skin experts work exhaustively on it to reach up to an idea where most or even all of the skin issues get resolved. One such kind of research has created a facial exfoliation device that works on the principle of vacuum. This is called a comedone extractor. Get to know everything about the device and the right way to use it over here. 


What A Comedone Extractor Is:

 A comedone extractor is a device that is new in the market. It takes the help of a vacuum head and deeply cleanses the entire facial skin. It is battery operated, portable and is easy to use. Unlike other facial tools that are restricted to only one benefit, the comedone extractor is one solution to most of your skin issues. Among baggage of benefits, here are the essential ones listed out for you. 

Benefits Of A Comedone Extractor:

  • Acne Treatment – The first benefit of the comedone extractor is acne reduction. When dirt and oil seep into the skin pores, they make it inviting for bacteria to begin its habitat on the skin. With no time, you would notice a pimple that spreads into many pimples; making the skin look uneven and filled with blemishes. The comedone extractor gives the best acne treatment and clears away the blemish and acne marks that are left behind by the pimples to give an even-toned neat skin. 
  • Blackhead Removal – There is a reason for all the men and women to get happy as the tedious and painful procedure of blackhead extraction comes to a halt now. The blackheads are nothing but the solidified dirt, dust and oil particles that are trapped in the pores. The comedone extractor acts as an amazing pore cleanser of clogged pores and painlessly sucks out all the blackhead residues from the pore with all the ease. This is the best and the most effective blackhead removal treatment that you can try at home or anywhere. 
  • Dead Skin Removal – With every passing day, a million skin cells of our body die and a million new cells generate. It becomes highly essential of the top dead skin layers to be removed to reveal the glow of the new skin cells and also improve the cell functioning. The comedone extractor is one of a kind facial exfoliation device that beautifully exfoliates the skin thoroughly and gets rid of all the dirt, dust and also the dead and dry skin that becomes a hindrance to look flawless. All the blemishes and dark spots are removed in this way. 
  • Anti-aging treatment – As the comedone extractor is taken all over the face, the skin pores that are open and expanded gets shrunken. Along with this, the pore vacuum cleanser also triggers the production of skin tightening fibers. With the production of these fibers, the skin starts becoming firm and all of the fine lines and wrinkles tend to fade away in no time if the comedone extractor is used regularly. 

Tips That You Need To Know:

  • Keep the device clean.
  • Start using the device on a cleansed face for better results. 
  • Apply a good moisturizer after using the comedone extractor to keep your skin hydrated. 
  • Charge the device for at least 4 hours before use. 

For best results, use it thrice in a week. Unlike the skin scrubber, the comedone extractor has no side effects on your skin.